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What is Osteopathy? > Book now < mouse Osteopathy is a holistic non-pharmacological, non-invasive manual medicine that emphasizes on physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bone.

What is Osteopathy? What does a manual osteopath do?


Osteopathy is a holistic non-pharmacological, non-invasive manual medicine. It is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes on physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bone.  In Canada, the majority of practitioners are referred to as “manual osteopaths”. The manual osteopath relies on their sense of palpation (touch) to evaluate dysfunctions in the body.

The two essential components of Osteopathy are 1) the structural assessment and 2) all the different techniques for the treatment. The aim of the structural assessment is to identify specific somatic dysfunctions. Diagnostic criteria for somatic dysfunctions focus on the tone and possible abnormalities of tissue texture. Areas of asymmetry and misalignment of bony landmarks are also evaluated, along with the quality of motion, balance, and organization. The term Osteopathy currently includes >20 types of manual treatments administered by osteopaths

What treatments do you offer as a manual osteopath in Vancouver?

Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Wellness Osteopathy, Neurokinetic Therapy, Chronic Pain management, TMJ pain management, Jaw alignment, Lower back pain, Knee pain, Headaches, ..

What is the difference between a chiropractor and a manual osteopath in Vancouver?

It is a common question that clients usually ask, and I will try to give you a clear insight into the main similarities and differences. Although Other disciplines, such as physical therapy or chiropractic, use almost similar techniques, usually a manual osteopath applies a more hands-on approach and puts more emphasis on observation of movement and structural integration.

Is osteopathy evidence based?

Yes, there are hundreds of published articles that provided compelling evidence for efficacy of osteopathy,you can read more on What is osteopathy article.

Do manual osteopaths crack backs?

Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on practice and put more emphasis on low-velocity techniques that means they are not interested in cracking bones.

Is Osteopathy covered by insurance companies?

Yes, but not in all plans and policies. It depends on your EHP(Extended Health Plan) policies, Check your policy with your insurance company

How many sessions are required for Osteopathy?

It varies vastly, depending on treatment goals, can be 1 to 20 sessions, usually twice per week. For wellness osteopathy, 1 session weekly is pretty good

What should I wear for the osteopathy session?

The treatment/assessment involves tissue mobilizations, stretching, or myofascial evaluation. All of these require hands-on practice on your body and skin. So, to be best prepared for the examination and/or treatment, wear comfortable clothes. Remember in the ongoing pandemy, wearing a face mask is mandatory due to COVID-19.

Do you offer direct billing for osteopathy?

No, but we give you the invoice and you can reach out to your insurance company for reimbursements


We help you to live a happier life. By alleviating your pains and increasing the range of motion of a variety of your muscles, as well as strengthening your core and correcting your posture and Gait, you will be able to do tasks you were not able to do them before.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Alleviates your tensions, improves your headaches and eases your anxiety and stress
NeuroKinetic Therapy
NeuroKinetic Therapy
a sophisticated form of assessment and therapy that reprograms cerebellum
non-pharmacological manual medicine emphasizes on physical manipulation of myofasciae like joints, muscles
Structural re-integration
Structural re-integration
"Anti-aging osteopathy" by analyzing your gait and structural assessment of body
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got osteopathy treatments for my low back pain and feeling better now, caring and knowledgeable
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Knowlegable, friendly, and professional. Definitely recommend to athletes.