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Chronic Pain Management | Osteopathy | NeuroKinetic Therapy | CranioSacral Therapy | Anti-Aging structural rehabilitation

Different types of pain stem from different origins and a variety of approaches are required to alleviate the pain. Being a medical doctor outside Canada for 10 years and a sports medicine Doctor for 4 years has made me familiar with the injuries and pain. Then, I pursued my passion through studying Osteopathy in Canada, and as a manual Osteopath in beautiful Vancouver, I am happy that I am capable to help people to live a happier life.

how we help

“Osteopathy” : Chronic pain management, Wellness and Anti aging Osteopathy


“CranioSacral Therapy” : best treatment for Anxiety, Stress, Headaches including Migraine and Tension headaches


“NeuroKinetic Therapy” : A complex method for assessing structural dysfunctions and providing specific treatment


We help you to live a happier life. By alleviating your pains and increasing the range of motion of a variety of your muscles, as well as strengthening your core and correcting your posture and Gait, you will be able to do tasks you were not able to do them before.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Alleviates your tensions, improve your headaches and ease your anxiety and stress
NeuroKinetic Therapy
NeuroKinetic Therapy
a sophisticated form of assessment and therapy that reprograms cerebellum
non-pharmacological manual medicine emphasizes on physical manipulation of myofasciae like joints, muscles
Structural re-integration
Structural re-integration
"Anti-aging osteopathy" by analyzing your gait and structural assessment of body
history of PAIN AND MOTION

Pain and motion is founded by Hoba, M.D. (Iran), Manual Osteopath(Canada).

2002 to 2010: Medical school
studied medicine at Guilan university of medical sciences
12 (Demo)
2010 to 2012: Return Of Service
practiced medicine as a general practitioner in general hospitals in remote cities(Iran).
2013: First medical clinic
Hoba established his first clinic as a general practitioner in 2013 which had a focus on "Drug Abuse Treatment"(Iran). The clinic was active until 2018.
2016 – 2017 : Sports Medicine and Fitness training
Hoba took his licenses in Sports Medicine, and Fitness training in 2016 and 2017(Iran), Then he was able to work with professional sports teams.
2016: Second clinic in Sports Medicine
Hoba founded his second private clinic in Sports Medicine, Athlete Therapy, rehabilitation and Fitness training in 2016 (Iran) which was active until 2018
2019: Studying Osteopathy
After moving to Canada in 2019, Hoba studied Osteopathy to hone his skills in Pain Management, rehabilitation and CranioSacral Therapy.
2020: Third Clinic ; Pain clinic in Vancouver
Hoba established his 3rd clinic in beautiful Vancouver as a Manual Osteopath in 2020 and Started his career to help patients live a happier life
Steve Green
fitness trainer

After seeing a couple of sessions, I’m back to trainings and the pain is vanished! Thank you !

Rob Anderson

I found craniosacral therapy the best treatment for my headaches. thanks to hoba, the severity and frequency of my headaches have mitigated